Posted by: paigecisco | July 7, 2012

To Know that You Are Loved God remined me today of how much he loves me and to know that there are many women, young grils who are crying out who will love me for me not for what i have done but for what i will become. This breaks my heart to see these women and young girls beliveing the lies that Satan has told them that they are trash and worthless but that is not true We need to tell them that they are beautiful and are dearly loved in the eyes of Jesus Christ he is the one who cares enough to rescue them and bring healing & Restortation

Jesus is the lover of my soul and as we seek him with our whole heart let us love the person regaredless of theire background or how they look or where they came from or where the person has done in the past.  Jesus sees whats in the heart of the person to recieve the love He offers to everyone as a free gift.  Because of how much He loves each and every person on this planet..  The End


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